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DUO is particularly appropriate for use in educational institutions and businesses. Our easy to use DUO-learning platform enables you to integrate DUO course modules into your own lessons. You may choose DUO to complement your German courses or as independent flexible teaching units – with your or our teachers as tutors.
This is how you might find DUO useful:
  • To complement your course: Use DUO as complementary online teaching material - either as a piece of homework or as a separate phase during lessons.
  • As a pillar structure: Employ DUO as the basis for your lessons. You may use your teachers or our tutors as tutorial support.
  • Teach yourself mode: Your students take part purely in online courses and learn in a particularly flexible way.
  • You can grant your students access individually or as a group.
  • You are able to use your own rooms, furthermore your students could learn at work or from home.
  • You may employ your own teachers as tutors but this is not a 'must'.
  • Small groups can already mean lucrative business.
  • DUO is available for as little as 55 € per learner; there is a discount for 20 or more learners.
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